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My testimony begins with saying, if it were not for where I’ve been, I would not be where I am today. I thank God every day that he has given me direction in a new life. Since I honestly and sincerely accepted Jesus as my lord and savior, my life has changed. I now have opportunities offered to me all the time. If it were not for Jesus I would still be an active addict. Jesus keeps me on the right path by giving me guidance. He is my friend and I am nothing without Him. I give Him all the praise. I now have a purpose; He has revealed His plan to me. Jesus wants me to teach others about His love and what He has done in my life, how things have changed for the better. How I have peace and forgiveness in my heart today. All those years before, I was lost in my addiction and today I am found by his grace and mercy. He has loved me in my worst of times, and now in my best of times.  Sometimes the only bible people read is us, so I try to be a good model. I still make mistakes, but God forgives me because I am only human and all I have to do is ask forgiveness. I feel His light upon me. He opens doors for me that I never knew existed. I’ve given up my will because today my will is His will.  He knows my every desire and he takes care of my needs. I dedicate my my life to Jesus because, I want a one way ticket to Heaven come judgment day. He is the potter and I’m the clay, He molds me and makes me in his image. He wants me to stay. If I fall and my vessel breaks, He picks up the broken pieces, He doesn’t throw the clay away. Without Him I would be nowhere, going nowhere fast. I have been saved by the grace of God. I believe that Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood for my sins and arose on the third day.  I believe that God lead me to Mending Hearts and Southside Baptist Church for spiritual guidance. I feel that I am serving the Lord the way he wants me to. Mending Hearts saved me from having to depend on my son to take care of me until I could get on my feet financially. When they opened their door to me I begin to feel secure and after obtaining a job it wasn’t long until I became independent again. Mending Hearts Recovery supported me in spirituality skills and everyday life skills along with recovery mentoring. The staff there were great at making me feel loved and cared for, they each showed me genuine concern in all aspects. Mending Hearts Recovery gave me solidity in life. After I finished their program I was able to continue education and become credentialed at the Addictions Academy in Jefferson City, Mo.  I am now staff, Assistant Program Director is my title.  I work in public relations and case management. In short I make the public aware of Mending Hearts and what we do here; I work with the clients individually in recovery mentoring and spiritual life skills.  I live on site and am there in support of the ladies 24-7; I enjoy it and feel that I am fulfilling GODS purpose for me.  In addition to Mending Hearts, Southside Baptist Church sponsors us in everything we do. They give us support in more ways than one, they donate 5% of their offerings to us monthly and give us the Sunday night offering in full. They open their arms to us with no judgment passed on any of us. We all feel not only welcomed but loved at Southside. I asked to become a member at Southside in July 2008, and was baptized Dec.21, 2008. I know this is where the LORD wants me to be it fits into my plan HE has for me. I teach Sunday school class to the youth there ages 6yrs.-10yrs. It is a real joy to be able to make a testimony about my life today.I have 2 grown children who have been through a lot in their lives with me and I am so proud to say that they stand behind me with pride about the way I turned my life around. I am truly blessed with everything in my life; I don’t regret my past because it opened the door to opportunity for me. 



My name is Kim  and I was recently a client on Mending Hearts.   There is alot of things about Mending Hearts that I appreciate. The staff is more than just staff.  The women that run the Mending Hearts House-they became my family.  I came to the house as a person still struggling with addiction.  I came to know these women during my time in Cape Girardeau.  I first came to Cape to another program in which I did really well my first eight months.  Then I relapsed and moved into my own apartment where I allowed myself to fall very hard.  They were there to help me to move forward and stabilize myself within myself and Higher Power.  With the help of these women, the other clients, I'm now able to stand on my own.  I now live in Horton, Missouri.  I have 6 months clean and  I work everyday and pray all day  for continuance of my sobriety.  I still call Karen, Stacy, and Vicki because they aren't just staff; they are my family and best friends.  Thanks to them for opening their home to me and others like me, I have a chance to better my life and succeed in my dream.


Testimony by Margaret Burkeen When I arrived at Mending Hearts, I didn’t know what to expect.  I barely knew that places like this existed!  I didn’t think it would be a miserable place to live, however, I was terrified of the unknown.  For different reasons over the past few years, I have been spiraling down hill.  My grandmother had been given only a week or two to live upon my arrival at Mending Hearts.  This was devastating to me and I lost her only 4 days after arriving here.  On a good note, her suffering had ended, but I had lost the best friend, confidant and the most important person in my life.  If I had not been living here, I would have still been on the streets and most likely not be alive today, because of my depression, which led to my alcoholism. I was suffering from depression and anxiety before Nanny passed away.  I had attempted suicide a few times.  I was so deep in the dark that I couldn’t see any light.  I only dreamed that someday, I would find the light. There have been so many opportunities put in my path since I’ve been at Mending Hearts and in Cape Girardeau.  I found a job within walking distance and I’ve even enrolled in college.  Now I feel like I am functioning in society again.  My depression has lifted and I feel good. The staff at Mending Hearts are amazing.  I get encouragement not only from them, but also from the ladies who live here.  I have lots of support here at Mending Hearts.  Karen and the rest of the staff here bend over backwards to help you in any and every way possible.  If I had to move back home, I would not last another year.  All the devastating heartaches would come crashing down on me again.  I’m sure it would be worse than before and my suicide attempt would be to no avail.  Now that I have had a taste of what life can be, I would not be able to handle the torment of my past.  Now that I have seen and lived in the light, there’s no possible way I would want to return to the dark tunnel.  I know that it was not intended for me to suffer the abuse I’ve known.  Those things were out of my control. It was truly a good decision that I made to come to Mending Hearts.  I love the staff here, and hope to one day be well enough to volunteer to work here. 

Margaret Elizabeth Burkeen